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Quality assurance


Cutting edge technologies form the core to address Security issues, as well as any complication related to Safety.

In this light, VEDICOR DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS has embodied in its functions, apart from the usual quality indexes, innovative actions, such as:

  • Management of any kind of information, on a 24/7 basis.
  • Constant update on the positions, times and moves of Protected individuals, within seconds in response.
  • Management, control and guidance, through the use of our own software, over the times and routes of every control and patrol of all our Security Officers.
  • Storage in your smart phone, of a Tracking – Emergency System, through the installation of a revolutionary software designed by VEDICOR IT Department.
  • Electronic Filing Management, with which not only do we avoid time-consuming filing and retrieving documents procedures, but also we protect the Personnel and the protected establishment from misplacing them.


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210 800 11 14, 212 000 23 28

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