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October, the Seminar month for VEDICOR

October, the Seminar month for VEDICOR

On Saturday 12/10 the Seminars for our Security Officers on “Current Domestic Terrorism. Handling Incidents” were concluded. Apart from our personnel, we offered the opportunity to attend to a group of 13 non-employees, free-of-charge, who also received the equivalent “Attendance Certificate”.

The members of our Audit Department expanded their knowledge on Economics by attending a specialized Seminar on Saturday 12/10.

Last but not least, today 15/10 certain Executives are concluding a 4 days Workshop on saving energy, reducing the company’s energy print along with its cost. The Seminars were organized by the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of the German Ministry for the Environment, in the frame of the European Initiative for the Climate.

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