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Handling Alarm Signals


How many times have we heard an alarm, but paid no attention? Numerous times actually we cannot tell whether it comes from a car or a house, whether it’s ours or a neighbor’s…

VEDICOR Operation Center comes to cover exactly this gap in security, which is cause by human behavior. A team of highly experienced staff, stays awake 24 hours a day, so that they can provide you the security you deserve.

Why connect your alarm to VEDICOR Operation Center?

You may already have some reasons in mind, but surely there are some more you have never thought of.

Full picture from afar

VEDICOR Operation Center has a full picture of your alarm requirements, thus is able to respond effectively, better than anyone else, in case of emergency. This is due to fact that your alarm reaches the Center, following  a unique communication protocol and gives us vital information encoded, regarding your venue’s safety. This way, in case of a burglary attempt, our handlers receive first all alarm signals and subsequently have the advantage to act immediately for you.

In every incident, the Center’s Handlers are fully aware of:

Which zone the alarm comes from

The zone line of violation and if any has been restored

If the intruders have tried to stop the alarm, destroy the unit, block the system, etc

Immediate response from experienced personnel

Connecting your alarm to VEDICOR Operation Center gives you a sleepless guard for your house 24 hours a day, wherever you might be. The reasons why, is very simple. You don’t deal with a “soulless” recorded message or an SMS on your cellular, which may be out of reach. There are people, highly trained and experienced, who decipher alarm signals and respond immediately to urgent incidents, aiming to quickly send assistance to your place. Even when you are at work, away on holidays or sleeping at night.

Did you know that…

It takes an experienced burglar less than two minutes to by-pass the exterior serene of your alarm. So, an alarm does not ensure that no one will attempt to invade your space, but rather that he will be detected and a serene will ring immediately. Therefore, when we call a security system “inviolable” we practically mean systems that cannot be “fooled”, because they will track any attempt for invasion and will send an alert immediately. From thereon, starts the task of the Operation Center.

An alarm with no connection is attended by no one on a permanent basis. This means you are taking a very high risk in case of an attempted burglary, both for your valuable but mainly for yourself, if you are inside the house at the time. In best case scenarios, people rely on the neighbors’ reaction, if there are any, but the truth is that neighbors will either pay no attention to the alarm because they have heard many false alarms in the past, or will be to afraid to act. Even if the alarm system gives you a notification on your cellular, nothing can assure you that the Police will also be notified, particularly if you are not in a position you can do it yourself, or you are not aware of the incident.

Priority in Notifications

An Operation Center gets priority when the Police handles incoming calls, because they know there is undoubtedly an incident in progress. Actually, some year ago the Police Emergency Call Center prohibited alarm systems to directly call the Police, in order to avoid unnecessary actions to be taken.

The fastest and safest way to notify the Police Authorities in case of a threat, is via the authorized handlers of an Operation Center. This is the only way you can rest assure that the call will be considered valid and the Police will come faster.

Protection in case of a personal threat

Have you ever considered who may help you when you or your family face danger inside your own home? Only our Operation Center has the capacity to know when you are threatened, for we develop a secret communication language through your alarm system.

Let’s say you are forced to disarm your alarm by a burglar who aims to enter your house. In that case you can press the secret code “off under threat”, which you are the only person to know. This code is different from the one you regularly use to arm and disarm your system and operates only if you are connected to an Operation Center. With this code, you disarm your alarm locally, but at the same time you system sends a silent signal to us that you are under threat and our handlers notify the Police immediately, who give priority as they are know there is human life at risk.

Specialized services for total protection

Building up an alarm system is not simple. Magnetic contacts in all windows, exterior radars on the balconies, detectors in the garden, two independent serenes…What happens, though, when the burglar tries to cut off communication with the Operation Center, so as to “act” untroubled?

VEDICOR Operation Center has the capacity to offer specialized services for total protection, even if the burglar cuts off the land line, which is used for your communication. In that case, the hanldres take actions not because they have received an alarm signal, but rather because they have not received the anticipated communication signal, which proves that your alarm “is working”. Communication failure can be critical for your home safety, therefore we immediately notify you.

Attendance over the efficiency of your system

People get burglarized every day, because they believe they are protected by their alarm system, which actually does not work, because they have simply forgotten to service it. They find it hard to keep track of the proper servicing of their system, as they do not have the know-how to listen to its “needs”. That is when and what needs to be serviced, in order to keep the system brand new. An alarm connected to an Operation Center, though, regularly sends us information for its status via encoded signals and our handlers notify you:

  • Before the battery goes dead
  • As soon as they identify a failure in a zone
  • In case there is power failure

This way, you can always go fast asleep!

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