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Advice on Home Invasion & Burglary prevention

All people have a natural tendency to feel secure inside their home. Invasion and subsequently a burglary is considered one of the most traumatic crimes, since not only possession but also victim and persecutor are directly implicated.

Prevention measures

  • Secure main and side doors on all floors, particularly in detached houses. More than 40% of home invasions are realized with no force entry. This means than a lot of people leave their entrance doors unsecured.
  • Avoid opening your door without prior verification of the person who wishes to enter.
  • Use a safety entrance door, which the burglar will not be able to break or mess with its lock. Also use double locks on your windows, so that burglars will find them difficult to open.
  • Use exterior lights in the entrance or / and the yard.
  • Get acquainted and communicate with your neighbors. It is a fact that in neighborhoods where residents maintain close relations, burglaries percentage is lower, as it is easier to identify an outsider.
  • Try to move any object which may assist burglars in climbing up a balcony, mainly of lower floors (e.g. a parked vehicle, trees, rubbish bins, etc)
  • Use fencing around exterior gas pipes, air-conditioning units etc, in order to prevent burglars from climbing up to higher roofs
  • Place a sign that the house is protected by an alarm system, regardless of the fact that it is actually protected or not. The sign itself acts preventively in the mind of the invader / burglar.
  • Keep alert when entering your house/block-of-flats/garage. If you notice an unfamiliar person looking at the door-bells, DO NOT ENTER, but rather keep on walking.
  • Secure your vehicle key when entering your house. It is very often that burglars escape the crime scene in the victim’s car.
  • Use stories or curtains that will not allow the burglar to see inside the house and spot items, which could potentially become his target, particularly when it comes to houses with windows facing the street.
  • Use an alarm system and have it activated when sleeping.
  • Get yourself a guard-dog or a defense-dog. A small but trained dog can work as a “mobile alarm system”, while a big one can work preventively.

In case you realize someone has broken into your home

  • Try to stay calm and be alert for dangerous or threatening situations
  • Try to lock yourself in your bedroom
  • If possible, pretend to be asleep
  • Call the Police and try to keep the line on
  • If they start shooting, lie on the floor and stay covered. Remember that your life is more important and that’s what you ought to protect
  • Take notice of the burglars’ appearance and any other related details, e.g. clothes, escape route, license plate number etc, so that you can pass on the information to the Police and assist them to locate and capture the persecutors
  • Don’t touch anything in the crime scene, or tools and object left behind by the burglars, until the police investigators have arrived
  • And armed robber scarcely acts alone. There is at least one more armed robber involved for cover up. Therefore, a possible attack of the victim against the robber will only trigger his accomplice reaction
  • Burglars’ goal is never to commit murder. This will only occur in panic caused by the victim’s reaction (blows aiming to frighten) or in their attempt to subdue the victim (binding, gagging, etc). Burglars DO NOT care at all whether the victim they are beating up or chaining suffers health problems.
  • If the cash or jewellery is not much, they will then insist  if they know you are wealthy. They will start insulting you and will get nervous, as their prey was too small. At this point the threat is higher. Stay calm and explain to them that this is all you’ ve got in the house, while the rest is kept in the Bank.
  • During an armed robbery, do not attempt to strip them from their hood or identify them. This may cost your life, as the robbers want to leave no witness behind.
  • DO NOT start screaming, as their first reaction will be to throw you unconscious (or dead) or gag you (some people choke)
  • Remain calm and assure them they have nothing to be afraid of, that you will hand them over all valuables, as long as they hurt nobody. They can take what they want and leave, with no violence
  • When they have left, do not go after them, because they may shoot you.
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